For the last few days using a USB port on the machine has been a problem when charging up a mobile device. There is a USB 3.0 card in the machine and it seems to be slightly more stable. The onboard USB 3.0 was causing a connect/disconnect cycle to rapidly switch. It’s not clear what is wrong but I checked the power cables to be sure everything is secure. After checks are a cold boot the problem remains.

Nothing noticed on forums or on Google Alerts. The HX1000i has lots of power so its not likely to be a problem. BIOS bugs are possible but Windows is not bug free either.

The Xbox controller has at least been stable which has been handy for gaming. Charging up mobile hardware can be managed with a USB charger block.

Front panel USB boxes with SATA supplemental power are markedly better for handling USB power delivery for hard disks and other peripherals. Boxes with USB-A and USB-C are available.