I have registered after the registrar decided to declare as fraudulent and blocked access. I filed a complaint with the ICANN over the abuse and I am now awaiting their correspondence. I also connected the Minister responsible for policing in the Netherlands. The false allegations against the site content are likely due to the nature of the operation. Cybersquatters are an all too common problem and no amount of complaint seems to get results, they want a century of earnings for the domain. This is a problem that many websites face.

Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

The screenshot shows the false allegation. I registered with GoDaddy for 2 years and I do not expect they will pull any stunts. I have spoken to GoDaddy about trademark infringement abuses. The Freenom registrar has removed my account completely from their system. This is why screenshots are taken to show the level of moral turpitude extant.

At the moment the database is very badly damaged and it will take a long time to clean up missing images, feature images and so on. Over time the site will improve but search and replace can only go so far to fix links. The work to fix the site has been tedious but with the self hosted solution the 250GB SSD has room for images galore. Azure et al are so tight on storage as to be ridiculous. Besides the broken link, image citations are trashed too making it almost impossible assign credits etc. Fair use is fine and dandy but citation are more sophisticated and respect the sources.

I made a mistake with the siteurl is wordpress using a comma instead of a period. Now amount of work can fix it so I may have to dump the database and clean it up when I get the new server up and running with the Athlon 3000G CPU. I probably will use a larger SSD on that machine to better afford giant websites and databases.

WordPress is not flexible to realize that a site domain may be forcibly changed which can be overcome but the expertise required is extreme. WordPress can be hard coded to a specific domain and the settings are greyed out. I am probably going to be forced to dump the database and manually clean it up again.

I also had to spend lots of time with the server to get rid of the old certificate and create a new one for the new domain. The Apache2 files were mangled as well so they had to be regenerated. The mess suggests it may be prudent to write some PHP code or C++ code to automate the process.

Some time ago I converted the site to the more modern gutenberg format which is more word processor oriented compared to old way of raw HTML. HTML is still available as a block so its possible to maintain specially formatted tables etc. WordPress tables are not anywhere as flexible as HTML which is a problem I have not been able to figure out.