Had to make some corrections to the machine to set the H115i fans the right way around. The cables were away from the chassis instead of close. That took 30 minutes to correct.

The Corsair Commander Pro does not seem to be working. Fans are dead but the USB is alive to as the H115i and H1000i are recognized but the commander itself does not seem to be recognized. I tried cleaning up the drivers and uninstalling the software to no avail. Probably unit is a dud for all I know.

Corsair Commander Pro

Corsair has a help page for the problem suggesting conflicts are at issue. The last windows reset was not long ago and hardly any thing has been installed yet. Drivers are about all that is present.

There are working motherboard fan controllers that can run the chassis fans pending a fix. Even with the fans off the 750D is not particular warm. Lots of extension cables for distant fans to be connected.

Given the SATA power needs a new cable from the PSU seems to be needed to add more connections. Additional SATA power cables are coming to support the 3rd disk cage. Existing SATA splitters and extensions are handling the load from a single PSU strand. More and more hardware need SATA power suggesting demand dual SATA cabling is not such a bad idea.

The H115i handles fans itself eliminating the need fining more fan headers. The motherboard has 5 fan headers including the pump header. Corsair handles that with USB.

Ordered a 3rd cage for the 750D but after more than 2 weeks it has not arrived. This means next week’s mail may have it. The goal with 3 cages is primarily to be able to buy SATA SSD to improve on the overall performance. Lower cost units can be stacked up and over time replaced with larger capacity units.