After being accused of fraud by dot.tk I now see their webportal is throwing HDDT 503 errors. It seems that karma has come for them and now they are experiencing the wrath of their own arrogance. I removed all of the tracking cookies so when they fix their site I can check to see what is really happening.

This site has been built from paper notes. Then with the PC I slowly typed up paper notes and saved them on floppies before I obtained a hard disk. The early versions of MS-DOS lacked much of a simple text editor. EDLIN was a crude text editor that was more useful for Assembler code than text. I built a simple text editor with BASIC which allowed me to edit texts, I spent over 12 months refining it but memory and segment limitations were a problem. Once Windows hit the street the included notepad was better than my crude attempt. Memory management with the 8088 and 80286 processors was hard to handle but the 80386 in protected flat address mode was segment free. Windows 386 was able to use the 32-bit mode but it was still crude. FreeBSD lacked a desktop and was command like only so it was no better than MS-DOS that way but it did have some edit ability.

I noticed my BBS name was cybersquatted immediately by some asshole registrar and efforts to get the domain have been met with maze of registrars. At least GoDaddy recognizes my Trademark and so does Facebook, Twitter is more arrogant and demands more work with a server. EA and some others also thump their nose at my trademark.

Over time text gave way to word processors and spreadsheets. I tried using Excel as a database and it does handle some degree of data. Later versions were more powerful until Access surfaced.

Windows 98 Plus has the personal web server which I used along with Frontpage as I started converting to HTML. Then I ran across Linux and MySQL which offered some new ideas. The personal web server was not able to handle very much traffic so many grabbed Windows Server 2000 etc.

My background in electronics has been expanded for years. Smaller devices are hard to design without some software to help design the wiring.