It seems that I have uncovered more problems with the database. This means that some content is not going to be available and some content images will not render. Bugs in WordPress are abundant and the ability to update the database live is not working per the manuals. In fact 99% of the posts on the internet are garbage.

The problem, changing the site URL which may not be available.anymore. Registrar abuses are abundant so mastering database administration is a necessary skill.

The only way to clean up is with Apache2 disabled outright. This way InnoDB can be written without locks on the tables. Articles claiming to be able to fix the database are 100% wrong. No plugin with WordPress can fix the siteurl field without manually changing the database. All efforts to change it fail.

sudo apachectl -k stop

Now with site and Apache 2 shut down its possible to dump the database, modify it and then upload it with changes made.

sudo mysqldump -u root -p database > dump.sql

Enter the database password when prompted and then wait for the dump which should take only a few seconds with a SSD.

The SQL file is text so its possible to download it and edit it with Windows notepad or with Linux the SED command can also be used. After editing as needed

sudo mysql < dump.sql

This will reload the database in question and allow the tables to be modified.

sudo apachectl -k start

This also fails to fix the problem. The only real satisfactory fix so far has been to backup, wipe the machine and install Linux fresh. restore the databases and then install Apache2. This problem is so frustrating that claimed fided with WordPress manuals are incorrect. Making WordPress more robust from errors would go far to dealing with problems.

The problems is WordPress are so severe that most web hosts still do not like it. I tend to agree but love it or hate it more than 60% of websites published are using it.