Over the weekend I noticed Bitcoin was close to $50,000 which shows the level of insanity that a gold rush brings. Reports of an internet cafe in Vietnam running a mining shop comes as no surprise.

In recent years, thieves have stolen billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin. And the digital nature of those thefts often make it difficult for authorities to track down the crooks. There is no real security with digital coins which makes them a criminal favorite. Bitcoin has led to thousands of others digital coins all chasing the almighty buck. The Ponzi scheme is achieved in full.

With prices rising the few overpriced video cards are now gone. The supply of cards on eBay has also dried up considerably. The US stock market is also rising as low rates drive more fixed income into exchange traded funds. RTX Ampere cards for 3840×2150 gaming are able to handle even the latest class games. Now the game developers are largely going to stick to Xbox One and PS4 standards as more powerful hardware is hard to find. The effect on gaming will be felt for years even after the Bitcoin mania subsides.

Gold rushes in the past were economic disasters primarily as nobody cared about finding the gold. California and the Yukon are just two examples of gold rushes where people poured in to find fortune and fame. Most never even made the obituaries. The boom and bust cycle of digital coins has to be one of the most egregious problems the world has ever faced. Brutal tax cuts have driven speculation in the hope to strike it rich. The folly of Reagan onwards will result in a vicious cycle of boom and bust that will eventually trash the global economy completely.

Any hope for a better gaming card has now been abandoned. No matter as the existing games are all playable with the trust old EVGA RTX 2080. It does mean that system requirements for games will remain lower than the Xbox Series X|S or the PS5.