After several days of working behind the scenes the site now work much better. The permalinks table works properly now and so does the rewrite modules. This means that WordPress with the existing theme should perform substantially as expected.

Ad blocking does not work on this site. The site also does not allow cut and paste nor does it allow viewing the source code etc. The defensive measures are in reaction to brutal attacks on the site generally.

While ad blocking rates have fallen substantially the harm they have done has been unbelievable. Many sites have closed over the last several years. The value of the content was so low that a buyout was not even worth the effort to compose it. Users with the Brave browser can explain themselves to the Godfather. Firefox users with adblock extensions are equally unwelcome. Detection is server based.

WordPress can import various content but there is nothing out there of much value to fluff of the existing 3600+ posts already present. Images are abundant primarily as leftovers from conversions to video based reviews. They say a picture is worth 1000 words then a video much be worth substantially more.

WordPress has updated the Gutenberg editor several times recently suggesting they are doing more than maintenance. Now WordPress based sites can embed almost anything desired. Twitter tweets posted to the top right at the top of an article make it accessible to the reader while reading the background story.

It’s now possible to use two columns of text of desired. The modern conventional approach however makes more sense. The two column approach makes sense for dictionaries but that is about the extent of the useage. Even ancient law books are written the same as WordPress but the letters were slightly different in the 16th century and they are not available in UNICODE that I could find. The default font today is a san serif typeface which seems to be the most readable format. There are a lot of different fonts in use.



Some posts with images from the media library are not displaying even though they show up in the editor fine. Not sure how this defect surfaced but this problem is even more annoying than fixing the SQL files for the site. On the face of it the only idea that seems to be viable is to copy the image to paint, delete the bad image, save it as a PNG and upload it back to wordpress. Only small subset of images are at issue so fixing them will be more or less as I find them.

The image library is over 7000 images and permissions are checked to be certain they are good. A lot of images were lost when my Steam account was stolen and all of the screenshots were wiped clean etc. Steam provides 20GB for images but the site has a 250GB SSD so now it’s easier to host images on the server.

Took time but I found a tool for WordPress that now copies remote images to the media library. This will have longer term advantages as som cloud services have closed in the past. Others have had domain issues which result in the same problem.