Super Clown Adventures was released on February 16, 2021 by Tero Lunkka. The game was developed by Tero Lunkka and Valkeala Software. Super Clown Adventures is a 3D platformer game.

Be a Super clown. Beware Traps and different enemies and finish simple levels by finding pirate flag…..


  • 10 levels- Different enemies: Following slimes , bigger Mr Wombat enemies and immortal skeleton enemies
  • Traps like spikes and dangerous water and frozen water
  • Steam achievements
  • Checkpoint system
  • Hearts which give more energy
  • Coins. collect 5 coins to win extra life

Some of the hazards include the platform shifting up or down. So care has to be taken to prevent a loss of a life.

The game is also very suitable for younger players. The action is fast enough to be engaging while not so difficult.


Operating SystemWindows 8 x64 or better
CPUIntel Core i5 or better
Memory2 GB or more
Hard Drive Space2.83 GB
Graphics HardwareGTX 760 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required