Speaking with Corsair. they said they would replace the Commander Pro and provide spare parts for the Obsidian 750D chassis. At present the front grill is being held by a piece of packing tape as the frame peg holes are problematic. The 750D seems to have been slightly damaged in shipping. While there is a foam frame to add some stability in the box it may be some impact damage that was causal.

Replacing the parts should not take long and now that I have a tracking number for the disk cage I can await all of the components before the next session of repairs. Hopefully prying the old Commander Pro from the chassis will be problem free. The 3M double sided tape is unknown as to its characteristics.

Fixing the fans to get them all operating is a priority to keeping the machine running smooth for at least 12 months before socket AM5 motherboard surface in the market. Early prices will be high which suggest the X570 may be on the payroll for several months after AM5 hits the streets.