Current terms and conditions are not able to handle the estate of a late gamer. Sooner or later all gamers will put the controller down permanently.

Game loaders presently have varying security features that make it more costly to maintain the account. Maintaining a phone which is subject to nuisance calls can be costly. With the username and password most accounts can be used by the family fine.

Steam supports family sharing on a machine basis so the legacy account needs access to approve the various machines. One setup a shared library can be played by family members up to the limits of game licenses. For multiple kids wanting to play games, most PC titles are not split screen so the expense of additional licences are needed.

Microsoft allows family accounts to be grouped. While this may be fine for subscriptions there are still some unanswered questions. Mostly it’s setup for young children with little on games etc.

Origin is far from being estate friendly. The loader has gone downhill as EA abandoned competing with Steam. Now many of their games are being sold on the Steam store. Origin can transfer games to a new account but this is a one way deal.

So for the family trust some steps are needed to protect digital assets. Life expectancy is not infinite. The surviving children may want to play some of games so the legacy library exists more as a backstop to next generation.

Lots of things to look at before jumping into the coffin and take your turn feeding worms.

The whole idea of this is motivate preparing a will for your estate. You never know when your number is up. Some lost millions in digital coins due to the lack of estate planning. Free and affordable will packages are available and this can get the process started.