Trader Life Simulator was developed and released on February 18, 2021 by Mohammed Qasrawi. Trader Life Simulator is a building simulator.

Live your life as you like in Trader Life Simulator , have fun building your own success story

Trader Life Simulator is a game where you play as a man who Owns an empty supermarket . You need to keep your business running and your supermarket stocked , While managing other life aspects . be careful ! Bankruptcy is an option .


  • Customize your house including furniture , PC , … etc.
  • Watching TV and more places to visit
  • Day / night cycle and weather system .
  • Bills system .
  • Economy system , bank , loans , ATM , credit card and more
  • Phone / Laptops The player can buy and use .
  • Shops restock system .
  • Survival aspects including hunger , dirtiness … etc .
  • So many shops in the city and you can interact and buy from them .
  • A lot of customizations and furniture for your shop .
  • Worker in your shop .
  • Cars to drive and transport your goods .
  • Vehicles needs gasoline , oil and repairs , also there is a car mechanic in the city !
  • You can buy from shops : vehicles , food , drink , oil and 50+ more items .
  • Companies and much more interesting places that you can work with and have more income rather than managing your shop

Players start out with $500. What you have : place a bed in house and the toilet in the bath. What you need : buy a bathtub for €250 after one day! Everything is very realistic and very exciting. The car comes with a full tank so at least exploration can be done to learn the game world.

Trader Life Simulator, ulike the old SimCity, is fully 3D in gameplay. Players will find the streets are more maze-like but otherwise the game map is fairly logical with only a few important places to visit.

Stocking the store with non-perishable items until a refrigerator can be afforded is the easiest strategy. If your run out of gas, buy a phone from the phone shop and use it to refill all of your vehicles with gas. The game uses a laptop to save so it may take some time to figure out the game strategy. The car moving around is not hard to use.

This game is very much as realistic of a simulator as any out there. The developer has spend a lot of hours on making this game good.

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Operating SystemWindows 10 x64 or better
CPUIntel i5-3570 or better
Memory4 GB or more
Hard Drive Space10.4 GB
Graphics HardwareGTX 770 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required