Direct traffic to the site has continued to dominate the overall site traffic. At present Baidu has been providing more traffic than Google or Yandex. Pinterest still seems to be far out of the mainstream of Facebook, Twitter and most other social gatherings.

Google seems to be broken, they have not really fixed their webmaster portal for years. Bing is equally out to lunch. Small wonder that Baidu has been the source of action. Lots of games are published in China and the ones that are multilingual are reviewed. Submitting the sitemap repeatedly to Google is hit or miss as to seeing an uptick in the posts recognized.

Traffic from Facebook posts are 20x more than Twitter with 1/3 the number of followers. It’s so stark the difference as to be very eye opening. Its almost as if Twitter does not matter for the site. Much direct traffic is globalized suggesting people are discussing my site in messages etc. The site is so content rick from years of work.

Yandex has more or less been focused on the Russian region but the site is available in a wide number of languages. Its a real great example of a world class portal. The Russian vowels make transliteration tricky but speaking it not that complicated, Many years ago I translated a contract from Russian to English for Mitel which hired me. The company was in negotiations to sell a scale PBX system.

Many games today are designed for supporting as many as 23 languages. The advantage in many countries where English is not widely spoken, localized games are far more accessible.

Sooner or later search engines discover the site posts but the sheer size of the site does require some time to index the entire database. Maybe China is ready to move more into leisure activities, but that would require a change in the work week etc. Working 6 days a week is very demanding and does not lend itself to a healthy population longer term.

The site content now represents about 1,400 games reviewed. Game news is about 50% of all news posts. The focus on games will continue as there are far more games available than anyone could imagine.

At present the site has tracking codes for all of the engines supported by Jetack. JetPack has been a bit flakey suggesting it needs some updates. The Graphene theme supports a custom header which can contain the Google Analytics code along with <meta> header tags galore. The complexity of the site is largely driven by the multilingual features.

While the site is English, I am patently aware of other nations around the world. Immediately tasty foods are my first though but there is much more than sitting down to a meal while trying to make a deal.

Looking forward the site traffic has grown dramatically. Back when Windows 8 launched there was a traffic spike but now the server can handle maybe 100,000 page view per hour. The fiber coax based internet is now very fast. A more recent spike existed when a post with solutions to game problems on the Xbox was shared widely.