Sandisk CZ59 Cruzer U Series USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Man vendors have some questionable reviews and endorsements.

Amazon USB 2TB sticks

2TB USB sticks are new on the market so reviews are likely to be few in number given the diversity of models in the marketplace. I question that somebody has over 8000 reviews.

AISN is the Amazon database code for each product. It’s unknown if their database has a matching UPC/EAN available.

Amazon has evidently now been overwhelmed by review bots which pad the numbers of select AISN numbers. Shopping bots have evidently been repurposed to help market specific vendors over others.

This will pollute Amazon’s reviews so badly as to make them worthless. Amazon has been under siege in recent years for unknown reasons. It may be related to some websites backing the padded ASIN items.

Ebay so far has not been heavily overrun only due to the diversity of vendors and products. NewEgg in Canada is not badly overrun yet either.

Again, caveat emptor seems to apply.