It comes as no real surprise to the studio that hard disk sales have slowed to consumers. One of the main reasons is that 12TB and larger disks can handle a vast game collection that takes long time to accumulate. Before Seagate started offering 8TB disks the studio was stuck with a pair of 4TB disks that were nearly filled to capacity. Early on the studio grabbed a pair of 8TB disks which improved the situation significantly. Following the 8TB disks a Toshiba 12TB server disk was procured.

The total storage capacity with 9 disk bays and a pair of M.2 slots is comparatively vast. The advantage of 9 bays is the option to incrementally add more hard disks or SATA SSD as desired. No question however that 9 disk bays is more than the vast majority of machines use.

At present the disk collection along with a pair of SATA SSD do not yet overwhelm the storage bays. It does afford one idea, running older hard disks until they fail. All too often disks are swapped out before they fail. It has been quite some time before a hard disk has failed outright.

Most likely the next hard disk will be even larger now that 18TB models are available. Most likely 20TB disks will find their way into consumer machine before long. Still the existing 12TB disk is still far from filled with games. Even with lower prices consumers will not get more hard disks that are not needed.

Expanding the use of SATA SSD has some value for games. The cage can be populated completely with SATA SSD if desired. Even corporate high capacity SSD are an option. The sky’s the limit for storage options.

The BD drive can backup vital objects easily and the discs are durable. Hard disks seem to degrade badly and after 3 years the failure levels are horrible. Use a DVD-R or BD-R disk for long term storage.

The space in the Corsair Obsidian 750D Airflow Edition is adequate to have 3 disk cakes and still have abundant room for elite grade video cards. The old R9 Fury is 12″ long and it fits in fine.

The older Cooler Master HAF 932 has 5 drive bay which affords an excellent amount of storage for games and media.