The mess of problems with multiple domains and damage to the database it tool a herculean effort to clean up 3800+ posts on the site. A few additional categories were added to better organize some of the posts. More game genre categories were also added in keeping with Steam’s usage.

The site has not been able to retain domains for any length of time. Always somebody wants a pound of flesh or two. Azure was the last contestant to ruin a growing website. Ad Blocking has been a nightmare for many websites. The site now is self hosted on an old laptop that was salvaged from the junkbox, A SSD was installed and the site was resurrected with a few hiccups,

Taking a much need rest so Quake II RTX seems like as good of a diversion as any. If you own the full Quake II then the RTX version can use those maps.

Much work has gone into making the site secure. Hackers are constantly attempting to get into the administrator account but it is protected by a 256-bit password so nobody gets except your webmaster.

The remaining unclassified posts are 75% done. Following that will be posts that do not have a feature image which are few in number. The progress has been time consuming but the clean up is needed so that proper functionality is maintained.

Some hyperlinks have been restored but it will be a large scale operation to return to what used to be. There are over 1400 games reviewed so linking to them for comparisons makes sense with new game reviews. Similarly are certain genre which also appeal to readers. Restoring hyperlinks is more or less as it comes up. Fixing old posts takes a fair bit of work as it is. On page has game categories which make it easier to find specific game types.

Some cloud images were saved but now all images are downloaded to the server and the cloud images are now being abandoned. Too many cloud image hosts have failed to be confident they will be available in a decade or two.