AMD Ryzen

AGESA now arriving in public BIOSes for Ryzen 5000 Series processors.

  • Fixed: False SMART errors on Hynix NVMe
  • Fixed: Intermittent SSD detection for M.2 SATA devices
  • Improve L3 cache bandwidth in AIDA64
  • Improve stability if user disables cores on 5600X/5800X with AMD Ryzen Master

Mostly likely this new update will take a week or two for motherboard vendors to check their products before releasing it publically.

AMD Ryzen 5000 processors have been in short supply along with graphics cards. Most likely the retooling for next generation hardware will collide with CPU and GPU supply shortages for AM4 platforms. TSMC is known to be backordered which is a bigger problem for PC gamers.

Intel has been capitalizing on the shortage with price cuts and available processors. Eventually more AM4 processors will surface in the market but until that happens Intel will be happy to sell motherboards and processors.

The defaults for the power saver plan in windows is inefficient. In the advanced settings under CPU set the minimum to 1% and the core parking to max as well so reduce power consumption even more. With 12 cores there are times when 10 of them can be parked.