The developer of the helicopter MMO Heliborne has released a large update to the game. One of the new changes is a new loader to allow players to select the classic or the enhanced version of the game. The developer released a huge 7.5 GB update.

The developer also implemented a new naming system – the main game on STEAM is now called Heliborne Collection. It includes Heliborne and Heliborne Enhanced Edition. Both editions contain all the DLCs published so far, and all the future content will be mirrored for both.

  • Fixed missing objectives on Tonkin map.
  • Added new standard cameos (14 new skins).
  • Fixed the loading screen, causing the game to hard lock.
  • Removed placeholder “campaign settings” button.
  • Fixed Nguyen map – mission 3 now loads in the correct order.
  • Updated copyrighted helicopter names with community suggestions.