Judge Yvonne Gonzales of the Northern District of California set the May 3rd date for a trial during a management conference with Judge Gonzales and lawyers from Apple and Epic Games, according to MacRumors. Judge Gonzales felt that the Apple vs. Epic Games case was important enough to be held in person as witnesses in a physical courtroom are less likely to lie compared to a digital trial. The judge believes that the trial will be between two and three weeks in length; however, Epic Games wants it to last four to five weeks.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic could affect the nature of the trial based on the number of cases there are in May. The court will practice social distancing between witnesses and the attorneys, but witnesses who cannot travel due to health reasons will be accommodated. The judge also said that she believes that both companies have the resources necessary to accommodate for a two-week quarantine period after the trial.

The outcome of this action could set the tone for other operations like Steam etc. For this reason the fight is of interest to the gaming community at large.