AMD and NVIDIA are not catering to the gaming community anymore. This is unforgivable and I know as fact I am not alone in the outrage. Ther illicit digital coins are not going down in value so every video card make is going to mining. Jack Dorsey along with Elon Musk are both jumping in and aggravating the problem. Some US investment banks have also grabbed a position. This is wrong, the illicit assets should be sold.

Some have 250 cards mining. Some have over 1000 cards mining. Gamers did not manage to get many lately. Even 5 year old used cards are auctioning for over 30% above MSRP. The irrational exuberance is obvious.

By the time the bubble collapses the gaming industry will be so badly trashed they may not recover. No new cards are forcing developers to take the old consoles as the standard as few new consoles are available.

Bitcoin is hovering around $50,000 so chasing the gold is all some can see. The blindness to the damage does not hit the radar.

Ethereum is especially abusive of VRAM which likely will lead to artifacts in games. Once the VRAM is damaged the card is garbage.


Gaming Consoles are also hard to find. Xbox Series X is more expensive but even the affordable Series S is scarce.


Given the work needed on the site mostly cleaning up the remaining damaged posts. Some bulleted lists were back to text so JetPack did a lot of damage. I have removed every plugin that is not 100% free and import tools are removed as well now. I am speculating that JetPack’s cache may be responsible for some much damage.

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