Search engines are not a big contributor here and have not been for years. Direct traffic is dominant by far with loyal readers. Search “hardcoregames”

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Яндексу необходимо поработать над тем, как функционирует их база данных и возможно использовать искусственный интеллект, чтобы он лучше выбирал контент как в русскоязычном, так и англоязычном сегменте интернета.


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Google after 3 month of submitting sitemaps daily, total of 13 clicks in 3 months

Google even considers a noindex to be an error which suggests an arrogant analysis. Not sure what is wrong with the deadbeat Google. Maybe they are doing this intentionally? Would not surprise me. They still owe me cash for advertising after 20 years.

The post on the $99,999 RTX 3060 was a traffic spike that lasted 7-8 hours before it petered out. Apparently it was shared all over as there was close to 300 page views in total. Earth to Google, come in Google, earth to Google.

The post on games and Windows 8 still was the highest traffic load so far. Google dumped about 30,000 page views in one day. It ran for a week before it petered out. Microsoft fixed all of the problems with Windows on that post.


Bing seems to be out to lunch as well. The screenshot will show it clear as day.

Bing has indexed 8 of 4000 posts in the last 3 months


The usual trademark infringers are dilutive and when I get around to it, the are going to face trademark litigation. On the todo is a long list of claims. Once COVID-19 is history the studio will be more powerful and able to provide better content.


Retirement, when I fall over dead. Regardless that I feel Left 4 Dead, if I can still press the fire button I can still play Halo.

Been updating a lot of posts on the site based on search engine results. Keywords are not necessarily very useful but URL taxonomy is more useful. There is lots of room now for a title with the theme in use and the layout.