No surprise to see that the RTX 3060 is hard at work mining as usual. A Vietnam social post said Chinese miners have fixed the driver and the card BIOS to allow full performance. So far nobody has posted a download link.

This does not bode well for other upcoming Ampere cards. Looking over the mining code suggests video cards cannot be redesigned without hurting gaming performance.

Miners will continue to run full speed ahead as long as some idiot is there to buy the results. By not buying the coins is the only way to stop the insanity. This is how Ponzi works with new investors paying off old ones.

Earlier the tweet was not available but it has been reposted. There is no code known and only a screenshot of the mining in action was available Clearly there is a problem as the screenshot shows at least seven RTX 3060 cards mining on an intel machine.

No real surprise that the measures were fixed. The news released from NVIDIA was nothing more than corporate propaganda. The gaming community want video cards not doublespeak. It’s been horrible for finding video cards at all.


NVIDIA did not get specific over the digital coins the cards were nerfed. Ethereum is the most common secondary coin but several thousands of others are all fighting for relevance.


On a mining forum several reported earning half the amount they were earning a month ago. Ethereum miners reported the losses most frequently and some questioned if the difficulty was higher. If lower returns are breaking out this is great news for gaming. If the earnings dry up, cards will start being dumped in volume on eBay. I offer 10 cents on MSRP for x-ming cards.

What has been discussed the most is that as more start mining the available work becomes more scarce. Transactions are inherently slow which aggravates the lack of work for miners.