I created a SVG chart to show immunization rates for COVID-19. By the time idiot politicians and corporate incompetence get their act together the body count will higher than the world wars. The world needs some 7 billion doses of vaccines.

Fact is that some 15% of those infected tend to be hospitalized and of those about half succumb to the infection. The WHO said there are at least 119,220,681 cases of COVID-19 along with 2,642,826 deaths. The WHO numbers certainly underestimate the severity of the problem.

Russia has their Sputnik vaccine which has been used domestically and some nearby nations have also accepted does for their emergency workers.

China has one vaccine made by SinoPharm and they administered it to the armed forces so that they could help with emergency services. The SinoPharm has also been available in south east Asia for emergency workers.

US vaccine makers have been slow to ramp up production. EU makers have also had production issues. The AstraZeneca vaccine has been suspected of causing thrombosis so several nations have banned its use pending clarification but the WHO has found no credible evidence.

According to the WHO there are at least 6 new serotypes of COVID-19 ane some of them are substantially more virulent. The EU and the US are both experiencing major increases in new infections as many are ignoring the risks. The change in work habits looks increasingly like it will be permanent.

You webmaster lives for a long time eating from a large bag of rice. By minimizing the shopping, the risk is lower. Food can be delivered, so minimal contact is possible.