The well known computer maker Acer reported that they have been attacked by Ransomware. The demands for decryption start at $50 million and doubling after a period of time. Law enforcement has been contacted.

The malware is noted to be REvil which has been seen previously. Sadly, it has become easier for many compromised companies (or their insurance companies) to just pay the ransom. And it has worked because typically, the bad guys are sometime honest.

Criminals used to target certain companies because of their size for sizeable financial gains because it takes quite a bit of effort to breach the security, but since it has become so easy to use scripts to hack, they are now indiscriminately attack anyone. If you are a small company thinking they won’t target you, they will be at your doorstep if you do not take security seriously.

Ransomware attacks appear to be a growing threat to business world wide. Recall the recent number of attacks on security companies suggesting that nobody is safe. CD Projekt was also recently hit with ransomware.

Tape backup has been the only way to protect servers against this kind of extortion. Tape drives are not that expensive.

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