Corsair has been slowly migrating iCue users from version 3 to version 4. Some hardware that works with version 3 has been dropped with version 4, Corsair indicated that version 3 would still receive fixes for crashes or security issues for a short time to come.

  • K66 Mechanical Keyboard
  • Sabre RGB (2016 version)
  • Sabre RGB Optical ((2015 version)
  • Sabre RGB Laser (2015 version)
  • KATAR (2015 version)
  • VOID USB (2015 version)
  • VOID WIRELESS (2015 version)
  • VOID SURROUND (2015 version)
  • Scimitar (2015 version)
  • H80i GT Hydro Series Cooler
  • H100i GTX Hydro Series Cooler
  • H110i GTX Hydro Series Cooler
  • H80i V2 Hydro Series Cooler
  • H100i V2 Hydro Series Cooler
  • H115i Hydro Series Cooler
  • H110i GT Hydro Series Cooler
  • H110i Hydro Series Cooler

Fortunately the hardware in use in the studio is still supported. Some with machines built over 5 years ago are finding some components are now dropped.

The H115i RGB is the contemporary model which suggests it is still mainstream in 2021. Water coolers are not a large category in gaming as most AMD users use the supplied fan. Intel does not bundle a cooler with some of their processors.

The HX1000i is supported even though it was new in 2015. Only the more expensive Corsair power supplies have the monitoring capability. The Corsair Commander Pro is the primary fan control box with USB support in addition to fan control and thermal monitoring. The Commander is excellent for managing chassis fans galore. Expanded fan control is available for Corsair 5000D type machines with a full load of RGB fans.