Checking my local vendors shows that video cards and high watt power supplies are hard to come by. The few items available are prices at double or even triple MSRP. This has been a problem now for over 6 months and there is nothing evidently available for the foreseeable future. Hardware failures are uncommon with modern PC rigs which means that existing rigs are going to be in service longer than the usual upgrade cycle.

A scalper is offering an EVGA RTX 3060 for more than the EVGA RTX 3080. Radeon cards are even worse for pricing. The EVGA RTX 2080 is well made and I expect it will survive for several more years.

A good PSU can last for over decade. MSI motherboards are also fairly durable and some have lasted for over 5 years in service fine. The CPU is also very durable and RAM usually has the longest warranty.

The water cooler has largely been extended to 5 years. The industry is competitive and customer service has been a selling point.

Cheap keyboards tend to wear out the printing on the keys while better quality models tend to last longer. The PC still has a PS/2 port as there are still lots of keyboards that are still in use over the years.

Game consoles are also hard to find. Playstation and Xbox have sold millions of new consoles but stores continue to be sold out.

Automotive hardware shortgages have forced production shutdowns. Last week Renesas in Japan had a serious fire which affected production. The fire broke out last Friday, 19 March, in the N3 plant at Renesas Naka factory, around 100 km north-east of Tokyo. Renesas says 600m2, around 5% of the total clean room area, was incinerated. Eleven pieces of equipment, or around 2% of the manufacturing equipment, was destroyed. However, the whole building has been shut down to allow cleaning and reconstruction.