Super Mecha Champions was developed and released on March 25, 2021 by NetEase Games. Super Mecha Champions is an anime action shooter.

Super Mecha Champions is an action shooter featuring mecha combats, which sets scene in a neo-futuristic Alpha City. An exciting battle is taking place here, you need to overcome opponents with cutting-edge weapons, magnificent mechas and vehicles, aiming for the highest honor of being a champion!

Alpha City is hosting the world’s greatest event: Super Mecha League! The most formidable mechas and ace pilots from all over the world are assembling on the hazardous battlegrounds. It is your time to show the world what a real champion is like by becoming one with your mecha and taking your decisive aim! Rock Alpha City as a rising star of Super Mecha League and create your own legend!

Some might remember the old Mechwarrior of old but Super Mech Champions takes it up a notch or two. Super Mecha Champions takes place in a Japanese manga styled city, with exquisite graphic quality for maximum visual impact! Play as one of the aces in the Super Mecha League and soar through the neo-futuristic city as you search for the secrets behind Alpha City!

The game started off as a mobile game with the PC version being a bit rough around the edges. Hopefully the developer can get ahead of the bugs and make the game popular on the PC. Apple store rates 4.8 while Android rates 4.1 and Steam is mixed.


Operating SystemWindows 7 x64 or better
CPUIntel i3-4130 or better
Memory6 GB or more
Hard Drive Space4 GB
Graphics HardwareHD 530 or better
NetworkBroadband Internet Connection Required