Windows is troublesome with security. The problem is that Apple apps do not support multiple email accounts so it’s inconvenient.

Every BIOS update is the same story. Locked out of the machine. The 2-step security is not secure, it’s surprisingly easy to pervert. Worse is that there is no way to disable it. I have tried everything and nothing seems to work.

All AM4 machines have been provided with a lot of BIOS updates. So for safety make sure secure boot is disabled but use UEFI to use the machine. Make sure the AMD security device is disabled too. The MSI X570-A PRO is typical for an AMD box that has frequent BIOS updates.

The studio fax line has been subjected to thousands of nuisance calls due to leaks. Changing the number is pointless as miscreants call all phone numbers randomly. The retaliation of revenge with an earful of fax tones is satisfying.

With all the leaks by Facebook etc privacy has been abused so badly that I have to maintain fraud protection on my bank cards to protect me from being forced to replace cards.

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