It seems that somebody in China posted a slide with some upcoming AMD processors. It was then translated ans somebody then posted it on twitter.

The graphic shows all of the AM4 processors and it then adds some more blocks to show the move to DDR5, Unfortunately the footer was cropped so it’s unclear when this was released.

The R5 3600 in used now is Matisse and this CPU should be adequate until the DDR5 motherboards, processors and RAM come to market.

Matisse is a good process made on the TSMC line. While the desire for a few more cores are desirable the main focus is on the availability of RAM. With sames of laptops at near record levels means that RAM and processors will be in limited supply for the foreseeable future.

Vermeer are a refresh of Matisse on the 7nm line. Availability of new processors is very hard to find.

Warhol is said to be a 6nm process from TSMC, If this is a new node then there may be some minor improvements. Raphael is now the code name for PCIe 5 based logic where significant improvements can reasonably be expected.

All that really seems apparent is that AMD is looking at the laptop market as a new area to sell their logic. The R5 2400G has Vega 11 graphics while Renoir only offers Vega 8. Cezanne again sticks with Vega 8. Speculation that Rembrandt will finally bring RDNA2 to the APU lineup has yet to be seen.