IDC recently posted their report showing that PC shipments in Q1 2021 are up over 50% over Q1 2020 and about 8% below Q4 2020 levels. With high volumes of commercial machine manufacturing, its is obvious that there are is not much left of components for retail sales.

Much of the demand is driven by working at home and working remotely with company servers. This has security risks that need to be addressed with more training.

Lenovo is the market leader which is the most common brand in the studio. Apple is a distant 4th as represented by the MacBook that is used for field work.

The Lenovo P15 features NVIDIA graphics in addition to the other standard features. The P15 starts at $2529 depending on options for a 4K model. Lenovo’s top model is over $8000 with Xenon processors and Quadro 4000 graphics. Most are happy enough with the 1920×1080 panels.

Clearly the corporate demand for processors, RAM and some video logic are working to cause shortages. Apple said that they are running into production issues for iPad etc. TSMC is building more factories so that Apple and other large customers will have more production available to relieve current demand. Intel also indicated they would build two more lines in Arizona to increase production.

How long the demand will remain elevated is unclear but as the market saturates there is likely to be a shift towards the DIY desktop market who spends a staggering amount of money on hardware.

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