After a few attempts its obvious that the Windows 10 insider developer edition is unable to run in Hyper-V. Hyper-V has still got some issues with some operating systems. The desktop has 32GB of RAM which is a tight squeeze for running several virtual machines. The best the X570 can reach is 128GB but moving to DDR5 will improve on that limit.

Hyper-V can use a WiFi card like the AX200 which is actually faster than Ethernet with suitable access points. Windows 8 however needed a Ethernet connection to use Hyper-V. Micrsoft fixed that with Windows 10 so that wireless networking can be leverages with modern 802.11ac and 802.11ax equipment.

It took several attempts to get Windows XP to run and be able to use the shut down instead of the forced power off.

Windows Vista is still pending. Problems with others versions of Windows were at issue.

Windows 7 spawned a BSOD during setup. Evidently there is a problem.

Windows 8.1 installed but it was not able to function in Hyper-V properly.

Windows 10 version 21354.1 does not install after several attempts. The graphic presented at startup does not respond to a click or a keypress.

Feedback was submitted so that Microsoft can investigate Hyper-V issues.