Bitmain has announced their new Antminer E9. This ASIC unit is designed for Ethereum mining and it is estimated to be able to deliver 3 GH/s while using only 2.56 kW of power. That gives this unit the performance of approximately 25 RTX 3090 cards for a lot less capital outlay.

The E9 is made with 14nm logic. This will reduce the power required for hashing substantially. Profitability will vary in the work units available along with the market value of the dital coins.

The more well known S19 is widely used for mining bitcoin itself. Now the new E9 is being offered for Ethereum and similar derivatives. Dedicated mining machines are now taking over the sector to the relief of the gaming community.

It remains to be seen how many E9 machines will be manufactured. If enough of them are made to satisfy the mining demand then the demand for video cards will fall sharply. Then cards will flood fleabay and gamers can get into using dual cards for alternate frame rendering in games.

The new machine is likely to be fairly heavy based on the fan layout. It does not seem to be in a standard rack mount configuration.