Quantum has been stuck with preorder on their website for god knows how long now. IBM is still flogging LTO-8. Not a peep from HPE. This suggest LTO-9 drives and media will not be available probably into September or even later.

Some vendors are claiming a 4-6 week order delay but that has not changed either. Known tape uses say nobody has LTO-9 even in prototype. There could be some dispute over media again but drives are a very mature technology. LTO-8 was a problem early on with a patent dispute over the tape.

This suggests there are some issues with the drive design or the media. Until the hardware is ready there will be more delay. There is a lot of demand for new tape drives and media from a range of customers, especially the larger centers where large scale robotic tape systems are used.

With each new generation of LTO drives and media there is a mass conversion of data from one format to the next. The reason is to be able to retain the existing backups and archives while increasing the overall capacity. Larger robotic systems may have 8 drives in them which can handle conversions quickly.


Guess the supercomputers will have to wait. LTO-8 tapes have eased in price since the dispute was settled.