The studio has two Seagate ST4000DM004 hard disks. Both of the disks are drive managed shingled models. Both of the disks have been wiped and reformatted several times over.

The disks were bought about 6 month from one another. The average selling price for 4TB disks is rather low. Following the pair of 4TB disks the studio grabbed a pair of ST8000DM004 hard disks. Eventually a Toshiba 12TB disk was acquired to handle the large library of games.

Several hard disks are used to handle the vast number of games in the studio. Smaller capacity disks are slowly removed and replaced with larger capacity models. The move to server class disks has the advantage of better performance and more reliable operations.

The pair of ST4000DM004 both have over 10,000 power on hours accumulated. The SMART shows both disks to be functional. Today, however, one disk could not be formatted.

The newer ST4000DM004 has failed 11,570 operating hours which is about 15 months. The warranty expired however but a replacement is $94 in Canada. The larger ST8000DM004 are $179.99 which is a slightly better deal on a price per GB basis. Server disks are less expensive and offer faster performance and have 5 year warranty.

The failure of the ST4000DM004 also hurts the MTBF numbers in the studio in addition to the annual failure rate numbers.