The general cleanup of the site has been ongoing now for about 3 months now after consolidating several iterations of the site and dealing with images and posts generally. Occasionally some inquiries about buying out other sites has not been easy as contacts change and people disappear.

All but two posts now have a feature image. It can be hard to find the right image for a given idea.

Images are slowly being given title and alt tags so that screen reader software can better view the content. Title tags show when the mouse is over the image.

The image defaults were adjusted to better fit the theme setup. This makes the display much tighter.

Some posts have been consolidated and other split into separate items. Some points of interest in time have also been inserted so that as development teams contributions can be documented better. Sometimes a development team may last a few years before they are disbanded or are bought out. Over time there have been many development studios.

The idea was to have varying focus and some long articles now have new search class ads that are not likely to become obsolete quickly. The new ads are also slim which fits nicely into the text without gobbling up large amounts of screen space. It seems that thin ads are not very popular yet but this site is actively maintained.

Feel free to spring for a jar of coffee, you webmaster thrives on coffee.