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Checking in on EA it appears that 7400 were all that were online. This is a new low suggesting that the loader has failed completely. EA was more focused on the loader maybe 10 years ago when it first launched but now it is just another repeat of the Games for Windows Live that Redmond killed off a while ago leaving many in the lurch. Now many are taking a good look at the problems out there.

With so few even running the Origin loader it means that game sales are toast as well. Small wonder why all their games are now on Steam for sale. Playing Battlefield reveals very few playing even the latest games.

Earlier Respawn admitted that Titanfall servers were subject to DDoS attacks. Small wonder the Steam reviews were overwhelmingly negative. Clearly EA has made some mistakes.

Ever time I check in with EA there are never more than 10,000 playing out of 29 million accounts. Steam has more accounts and peaks of 20 million players is known.

The Steam client is far from perfect, it does not adapt well to 4K panels. Origin is also bad with 4K panels. The Epic loader is garbage.

I have seen many forum posts asking if it is possible to move Origin games to Steam. The short answer is no. The reason is that EA does not want all the games bleeding away. So if you see a particular game on Steam you will be forced to buy it again.