SNDWAY SW-523 noise meter

The studio is equipped with hand held sound pressure (SPL) meter. It is capable of A or C weight for many applications. The SPL meter is convenient for monitoring noise anywhere.

PC hardware historically was noisy and in offices the desire for quietor machines lead to the widespread adoption of laptop machines.

The current meter is more precise than the previous model which stopped functioning after 15 years of service. The rugged design is desirable as this can allow the unit to be handled easily without fear of fumbling it.

The 6mm microphone is very sensitive so it can detect very low levels of sound. At the same time it can measure the noise on busy urban streets just as easily.

Modern PC fans with ball bearing designs tend to be very durable. More recently new designs with refined bearings are offering improved service life. Most recently magnetic levitation bearing are available for the most elite vanity builds.

Measuring fan noise is a tad more complex due to the need for an acoustic lab with sound absorbing materials. To reduce costs the noise of new fans as opposed to old fans can be compared to see which models are best for front chassis fans.

Corsair OEM fans are actually a lot better than some rivals. The reason is that mass produced fans are not expensive and Corsair can provide extra fans for the Airflow Edition chassis which are ready to go.