Apple has launched a new iPad along with new product models. The new iPad has a completely redesigned LCD which makes it almost 1000 nits in brightness. The result is a color depth that can reach close to 100% Adobe RGB and above HDR10 color depth. The iPad now uses the Apple M1 processor first seen in the MacBooks launched last fall.

  • 11″ starts at $799
  • 12.9″ starts at $1099

The iPad Pro 12.9″ now reached 2TB of storage for $2099. It’s $2399 with 5G cellular capability. The USB-C means that my FLIR infrared camera will not work on the iPad but the existing iPhone can support it easily for exotic images. IR photography is uncommon and it has applications far beyond the mundane uses Apple suggests.

The iPad with 1000 nit brightness is an improvement but until the density of white LED lamps is increased the brightness will remain comparatively low. There is a trade off however between brightness and battery life. The improved LED density may find its way into televisions and monitors which are not power sensitive and can be provision with 2000 nits or more of brightness.