2tb usb stick

Low cost low performance USB sticks are not expensive anymore. They are so affordable now it’s hard to imagine. The only real shortcoming is the slow performance. Faster USB sticks can be very expensive.

Prices for 2 TB are down to $14 each postage paid. These are lower in cost than 2TB hard disks which have a disadvantage of weight for shipping. The weight of USB sticks is only a few grams. USB sticks with 2 TB capacity can handle vast amounts of data. Connected to the rear of a machine allows the USB stick to be the target of File History with capacity in spades.

  • 48-bit LBA
  • Read Look Ahead
  • Write Cache
  • Host Protected Area
  • Device Configuration Overlay
  • Firmware Upgradable
  • Automatic Acoustic Management
  • Power Management
  • Advanced Power Management
  • Interface Power Management
  • Power up in Standby
  • Security Mode
  • Native Command Queuing

Android tablets also have large amounts of storage which is presented similar to a USB stick to a PC. This suggests that storage for photographs and media are so affordable that more and more people can take full advantage.

Extrapolating the cost of USB flash sticks and tablets it suggests that 4TB and larger capacity models will not be far off. As flash memory increases the layers the ability to make USB flash sticks of larger capacity becomes possible. 2TB is plenty of room for even 8K video files. The modern laptop can be equipped with 1 TB or even 2 TB of SSD so the 2 TB USB stick can copy the entire machine’s internal storage easily.

For an entertainment system the 2TB capacity can store perhaps 3000 movies. TV shows tend to be smaller so maybe 4000-5000 will fit which is enough for several seasons of several shows. Compressed DVD video tends to be smaller when using H.264 instead of MPEG-2 encoding.

There is room for forty 50GB BD ISO images and eighty 25GB BD ISO images. With so much room archiving the download folder is easily handled and USB sticks are more durable than hard disks on a shelf.

The logic board of the 2TB USB stick has a single 24-pin flat pack that is surface mounted. There is a red LED on the logic board along with a few resistors and capacitors. The logic board is marked 8335 above the logic and below there is CBW2199_BCA152_180807. On the bottom is a larger surface mount device that is marked 521-181101055 which seems to be the NAND device. There is no marking for manufacturer, These are available on 512GB to 2TB capacity and are evidently mass produced.

The read/write speed is about 15 MB/s which seems to be level as data is read or written, The transfer rate seems to be steady with video files.