Banks and many retailers are now using facial recognition systems. They are used to monitor staff as well as customers. These are mostly intended for security purposes.

Earlier banks and retailers used WiFi and Bluetooth MAC systems to identify customers. While these remain in use the move to facial recognition is a supplement in addition to RF analysis.

Some banks even use audio messages when undesirables are near ATM machines. The reason is that ATM robberies are commonplace which is why facial recognition is being used to stop the robbery before it escalates.

Privacy advocates are concerned over the extensive use of surveillance but banks and retailers counter that customer safety is important too.

Before COVID-19, recall the use of facial recognition at a Superbowl game that FBI used to deny access to some known felons. Given the loss of ticket value those denied should sue for scalper rate values. Now years later the widespread use of facial recognition makes life miserable for many.

In the US and Canada there are millions who do not even have a bank account. In the US some poor receive a bank card for benefits which handled under contract with a smaller bank. Facial recognition can help the poorest overcome the need for banking to obtain benefits buy keeping miscreants far away.

Unitil everyone is housed their will be many social problems that will simply become even more pressing.