After played Clicker Heroes for several years and racking up some 720 hours the game has reached the point where it cannot go further. The last 4 heros are probably unattainable. The last 4 are the Ace Sout group.

The number of monsters per level is brual. Worse is the timers for the the special monsters are down to 3 seconds instead of the longer times seen in the lower levels.

The screen shot shows the monster level is 875,494 which is took a lot of grinding with the autoclickers. It takes 127 monsters per monster level. All that remains now is to inch my way with the mercenaries hunting for gold. Not high enough level for an ascendance to gain any hero souls.

So now a weekly check is all that remains to gather any gold that can be used to level up the hero. The transcendance levels do not seem to be of any effect either even with extreme levels added. Timelapse is also useless as at the higher levels the zone advance is disabled.

The game will still inch along unplayed as the accumulated pile of coins grows in value slowly. Once a threshold is reached the hero can be leveled up a few steps but far below the x4 increments seen on the 25’s. Most of the hero level gains from from mercenary gold quests. Hero souls are of negligible value and with all fabled relics seemingly useless as well.

For those wondering, the purchase of guilds is a waste of rubies and time. Up at the level shown there are over 80,000 guilds which can carpet the entire cast of heroes 600 deep easily. They are however more useful all piled on the current hero as shown.

When the game is not running the monster levels do not advance. The game stops the advancement. This means that the 1 million achievement is really hard to reach. The player is forced to run the game continually 24/7 using autoclickers to grind their way forward and it is really slow going.