While Apple reported increases in iPad and MacBook machines, of more interest is the increase of spending on US based infrastructure.

It will also invest more than $1 billion in North Carolina, with a new office in the Raleigh-Durham area and at least 3,000 new jobs there.

  • Mac revenue: $9.10 billion, up 70.1% year over year 
  • iPad revenue: $7.80 billion, up 78.9% year over year 

While the pandemic part of the equation is obvious, Apple also said the M1 processor played a role in the sales boom. After Apple demonstrated the M1 was as capable as x86 the sales of Apple hardware has grown rapidly.

The studio has a selection of Apple hardware.


Apple still needs to fix support for H.265 which was removed form the Apple TV 4K after some playback issues. This has not been fixed and restored.

Apple should add support for the new H.266 encoder which can reduce video storage requirements by an additional 50% over H.265. H.265 is about 50% of H.264 so Apple wastes storage galore. Maybe Apple wants to pay for a data center worth of storage to handle the obsolete support. This is 2021 not 2011.