One of the reasons why people flocked to bitcoin et al is the problem of inflation. Inflation is large driven by deficit spending which forces the hand of the central bank to flood the market with more liquidity. The increase in money supply is inflation.

Inflation hurts savers and pensions etc. It benefits debtors. Venezuela collapsed due to horrid fiscal and monetary policies. Germany was bankrupted by reparations which lead to Hitler and the subsequent a brutal period of war that involved almost every nation on the planet.

Now with inflation comes bitcoin which cannot be artificially increased in supply. Many jumped on board. Ordinary people who are not educated in economics moved like it was a gold rush.

Digital coins are still unregulated leading to losses that reported widely. Until a regulatory framework is established the digital assets are basically a tool for ransomware etc.

Coin mining is also saturated making it increasingly hard to earn anything.

While some institutions are speculating its unwise to gamble on gold without understanding economics. The undergrad program is 4 years, the MA is 2 more years and the PhD is 4 years.