Welcome Spartans, starting today, April 29, and running until Monday, May 3, a scale test will be underway for Custom Game Browser (CGB) in MCC for Halo: Reach. Players will have the opportunity to go into the Multiplayer menus and select the CGB option to Create or Join on custom games running entirely on dedicated servers! We are very excited about this stress test and want everyone an opportunity to get in on the action and help us make sure it’s running smoothly.

Once the scale test is completed, CGB will be taken offline Monday morning, and we will begin evaluating how our systems handled the scale test. Based on these findings we will determine what (if any) additional work is needed to turn this feature on permanently. We cannot wait to for everyone to try it out, so make sure to pop in game now!

Halo: MCC is now in season 6 for achievement collector. So far in Halo: MCC the gameplay has racked up some 226 hours mostly playing the campaigns through a few times. Multiplayer has been problematic but now that its possible to find a lower lag server the prospects have improved.

One game that was very popular in 2010 was Alien Swarm which also was very lag sensitive. The game featured the ping times for each of the players which gave some support for organizing around faster hosts. While the game has a smaller following with the Reactive Drop update, the game still has a few invertebrate hardcore players the game set on Brutal with the onslaught enabled and a popular challenge with 3x more aliens to shoot. I have played Reactive Drop for some 330 hours so far. The free to play game is incredibly rich with community provided maps.

Since 2010 internet speeds are now generally faster. Ping times have also fallen considerably. Still some areas have a lot of congestion which leads to lag. The buildout of fiber internet connection has continued however albeit at more rational levels compared to the late 1990s internet bubble.

The screenshot shows the sessions sorted by ping times. This will make it better for gaming as lower lag sessions are more desirable for multiplayer. This is a desirable feature for gaming generally.