Chia is an alternative to conventional proof of work digital coins and in recent years it has grown exponentially. Unlike coin mining chia needs only storage.

Best bet for chia is to avoid the drive managed shingled disks which do not last long with that class of workload. Best bet is conventional perpendicular recorded disks. Chia miners should also avoid using a SSD which will wear it out far faster than a server class helium filled disk. Helium disks are common in servers and disks are readily available. TLC and QLC SSD products are limited in TB written while server disks can handle 500 TB annually without problem.

No surprise that with the growth in chia that hard disks are becoming harder to find in some asian markets has been met with increased production.

In China people are flocking to Chia in droves. Enterprise grade hard disks are now sold out. Computer storage space has become a hot commodity recently, with protocols such as Filecoin and Filebase recently launched to capitalize on unused capacity. Seagate, Toshiba and Western Digital have all ramped up production to handle the the growing demand. Prices in the US and Canada are stable.

Graphics cards for gaming and now CPUs and hard disks; PC gamers are being hijacked left and right.