It seems that more and more targeted attacks against Android are noted. Looking into the problem is that digital coin wallets are widely being ripped off. The reason is that unlike Apple or Google wallets, digital coin wallets are not very secure.

Reports galore are being posted about Android being a rich area for ripoffs. Beware.

An Android banking trojan uses overlays after it infects a device. The trojan works by keeping an eye on what apps a user is opening and showing the “overlay” on top of a legitimate app, tricking the user into entering login credentials that will be sent to the attacker.

Because most banking trojans are offered for rent on underground forums, the authors of banking trojans usually create overlays based on requests they receive from their customers.

Given the extraordinary number of attacks its advisable to reset your handset and only use apps from the Google Play store where at least some semblance of order exists.