Halo: Infinite was delayed a year after missing the expected Fall 2020 holiday season. 343 however has taken advantage of an additional year for working on the game to make it even better.

Zeta Halo is more immersive than ever on PC in 32:9 super ultrawide aspect ratio.

The game engine will support pretty much any panel or array of panels. The screen shot is simply slightly scaled for the web. The studio uses a standard 3840×2160 panel with a 16:9 aspect ratio as the machine also is used for viewing video.

A fresh look at a super ultrawide Forerunner interior in Halo Infinite.

Halo: Infinite supports adjustable FOV in addition to an incredible array of resolutions. This will allow PC gamers to enjoy the game while consoles tend to use 4K televisions given the prices recently.

PC gamers can expect to see a rich array of graphics settings which will allow those with extreme video cards to be able to leverage.

Hardcore Games is on the insider team and there is indication that debugging is now reaching the point that the test team is needed.