Search engines are not a big contributor here and have not been for years. Direct traffic is dominant by far with loyal readers. Google has improved the page rank to some extent but it may be several more weeks before the traffic recovers to historic levels. A new footer widget now shows everyone the 30 minute moving counts of users and bots. I have added mamy more known bots to the tool which is open source.

Search any engine wth “hardcoregames”:

Ask not found
Baidunot found
Sosonot found
Yandexnot found


Яндексу необходимо поработать над тем, как функционирует их база данных и возможно использовать искусственный интеллект, чтобы он лучше выбирал контент как в русскоязычном, так и англоязычном сегменте интернета.

The bot recognition tool has notice several different search entities crawling the site. The crawl rates vary substantially. In any 30 minute period there are about 15-20 page views by search engines. The workload is far from stressing the old I5 CPU in the Lenovo x230. The bot recognition brings more awareness to the actual traffic delivered on the site.

The oBot crawler is owned by IBM X-Change which is a security oriented. IBM has designed some 85 or so categories which will take time to figure out. The are derived from the old standard industrial code used by the Whitehouse long ago.


ExcludedDiscovered – currently not indexed0
ExcludedCrawled – currently not indexed2121
ExcludedPage with redirect442
ExcludedDuplicate without user-selected canonical15
ExcludedDuplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical2
ExcludedExcluded by ‘noindex’ tag60
ExcludedBlocked due to other 4xx issue1
ExcludedBlocked due to access forbidden (403)1
ExcludedDuplicate, Google chose different canonical than user1
IncludedSubmitted and indexed5673

Google now recognizes the site’s latest domain. Google alerts now recognizes some of the content suggesting the indexing is ongoing. The values have fluctuated significantly since the last report. Analytics is showing an uptick in traffic but the internal tools tell a different story. Most likely now that Google has indexed the site they will be changes in the page views patterns.

Over time the diversity of pages viewed by Google have averaged some 140 or so posts out of a pool of 4000+, The rest of the content was not clicked on which comes as no real surprise to anyone who has run a site for as long as this one has been around. Search engines present content and often randomize the presentations.

The update post on Crysis is popular as their is a link to get a fixed executable to get around the game not working. It fixes both Steam and Origin and it removes the SecuROM DRM as well. The game was popular when it launched and now the patched game can be enjoyed at 3840×2160 and see how rich the game assets really are. The fixed executive is not scaling the game, it is rendering the game natively at UHD resolutions.

More and more sites are now dispensing with Analytics and it appears that this service may be impacted which is motivating development of alternative tools. At the bottom of every post on the site is a 30 minute traffic report. The tool does recognize search engines and filters them accordingly.

The cookie notice shown is now appearing in various guises on various websites. It’s not altogether clear what is going on in the advertising sector. The site vendors here is Amazon and that is all that is currently in use. There are naturally plugins to handle any permutation so if there is a problem then alternatives can be developed quickly.

The Google Site Kit that is provided for WordPress uses shows a moving 28-day average. The post on the $99,999 RTX 3060 was a traffic spike that lasted 7-8 hours before it petered out. Apparently it was shared all over as there was close to 300 page views in total. Earth to Google, come in Google, earth to Google.

The post on games and Windows 8 still was the highest traffic load so far. Google dumped about 30,000 page views in one day. It ran for a week before it petered out. Microsoft fixed all of the problems with Windows on that post with the 8.1 update.


Bing seems to be finally crawling my site heavily. The last check showed some 1800 pages crawled. Eventually they will figure it out. Most likely Microsoft needs to maybe add more crawlers and servers to handle the slow pace of indexing the internet,


Petal is Huawei’s mobile search bot. Their mobile platform translates content automatically. Huawei has a portfolio of apps including a mobile wallet which is popular in China. Huawei has been subject to US led sanctions over telephone equipment sales. It seems to be more trade related than anything else. In Canada, Ericson provides a lot of the 5G infrastructure. It seems that mobile infrastructure is as much political as economic.


I noticed the Archive was come to crawl the site. Hardcore games will be around a good while longer. The internet archive was designed to capture websites over time. Unfortunately many old site that are built with Flash are useless today. Flash has finally been abandoned.


The usual trademark infringers are dilutive and when I get around to it, the are going to face trademark litigation. On the todo is a long list of claims. Once COVID-19 is history the studio will be more powerful and able to provide better content.


Retirement, when I fall over dead. Regardless that I feel Left 4 Dead, if I can still press the fire button I can still play Halo. The Spartan Master Chief returns for a new saga in Halo: Infinite.

Been updating a lot of posts on the site based on search engine results. Keywords are not necessarily very useful but URL taxonomy is more useful. There is lots of room now for a title with the theme in use and the layout.

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