It seems that Bitmain Bitcoin miners have TSMC making some new logic for them at 5nm. Apparently video cards are not finding their way there as of yet. The RTX 2080 is made on 12nm like and its not bad for gaming at 3840×2160 but over time games are becoming more demanding. The R5 3600 CPU is made at 7nm which affords a larger L3 cache.

The resize memory for Ampere is favorable for gaming but useless for mining. RDNA 2 is much the same picture not being particularly good for mining. Still the gold rush mentality means gaming has to take a back seat.

NVIDIA has been using Samsung for Ampere and this makes the picture over at TSMC all the more muddy from a gaming perspective. NVIDIA is trying to sell old Turing logic to mining concerns which are more suitable compared to Ampere. Apple uses TSMC 5nm and so far they have not had issues with available product in the face of record demand. The 7nm line is more of the big question for AMD.

NewEgg is short on Ryzen 5000 processors. They have no video cards to speak of either. Apparently world+dog are all mining. They problem with the gold rush is that they do crash eventually/.


Most likely a new crop of video cards will come to the market in 2H21 but the expectation of some 5nm cards is more likely given the miners are done. Gamers are being given the back seat widely which is a nuisance for those using 4K panels.


Most likely 2022 will see a refresh of consoles. With lower SSD prices the likely move to 2TB and more now seems more likely. Adopting 5nm will allow consoles to incrementally improve.