Some mining forums are reporting that Chia damages smaller capacity SSD products such as 256GB SSD. The reason is the TBW values are exceeded in a few months.

MyDrivers notes that Chia farmers in China are noticing that typical 256 GB SSDs barely last through 40 drive-write days, 80 days for 512 GB, and about 160 days for 1 TB. SSD prices are more affordable but with such rapid turnover the availability of entry level SSD products will likely be far less impacted as farmers move to using hard disks.

Endurance varies among the various SSD brands and models of NAND flash type used. Since disk space., Drive performance is paramount in farming Chia, and magnetic storage devices such as HDDs offer more re-writing, stocks of high-capacity HDDs, including those typically headed to the NVR and security surveillance markets, are being soaked up by Chia farmers.

Data center disks are being bought up as SSD endurance is clearly pointless for China. Supplies of disks have tried to keep up with growing demand but shortgages may be noted due to parts availability etc.

Spending some time with Excel it suggests that even a server with 45 hard disks is not covering the cost of the hard disks. This is due to the economics of Chia and it appears that the end of the road has been reached. The problem is that over time the estimated plot chances keep getting worse and worse over time. So chances to win a coin worth $600 seems like chump change even with super servers.

Chia is far from a green alternative.