The MSI X470 Gaming Plus has 16GB of DDR4-2400 installed which can afford the machine with enough to run two virtual machines at one time The machine has dual SSD which can afford faster load times for virtual machines. The SPEC-01 machine has dual SSD installed and a corsair RM650 (2019) PSU.

The AMD R5 2400G has integrated Vega 11 graphics which can afford basic WDDM support for desktop support. An available video card is available but support for gaming c ards has been dropped long ago in favor of overpriced workstation cards..

Virtual machines can be connected via remote desktop. This is the same strategy that Azure used with virtual desktop infrastructure. The X470 and X570 can reach 128GB RAM. DDR5 suggest 256GB will surface early in with 512GB likely when higher capacity RAM is manufactured. Additional RAM can handle more light workload virtual machines.

High workload virtual machines are more problematic with blade servers usually offering 32 cores and 64 threads or more. Workloads can be load balanced with serveral servers. Azure et al have countless rows of servers in large rack centers for most running web servers, some email servers are also seen.

The HiTron CGNM-2250 can handle 200 devices easily with internet speeds at saturation. The unlimited internet affords LAN and Internet near transparent in performance. With FTP access to cloud servers local and remote become transparent.

Most likely the first DDR5 system will be for gaming and the existing 4x8GB can be used for virtual machines. This will allow for vast numbers of screenshots. Depending on the cost, 4x16GB maybe the next increment for memory, 4x32GB is the largest that DDR4 offers for desktop machines.

The 35W Athlon 3000G was procured to run Linux to act as a web server. The B350 has 4 slots for RAM so the exiting 8GB can be increased if required. The B350 can also recognize 128GB of RAM however even a busy web server is more advantaged with a SSD. The Athlon is 2 cores and 4 threads so it has the ability to handle several instances of Apache2. Linux also runs fine with Hyper-V so the bare metal machine competes with lower power consumption. The existing Lenovo x230 has 8GB of RAM installed.